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Self-hosting Unleash with Kubernetes

In this blog post, we will learn how to self-host Unleash in a Kubernetes cluster. Why feature toggles? While developing new features for our end-users, we often encounter these 2 problems: Features are not developed and rolled out in a single night. It often takes several days or even weeks before a feature is fully developed, tested, and deployed. In such cases, we usually have to deploy a piece of that feature to production, and we would need to hide that piece until the feature is fully completed and ready. Read more →

Create feature flags using file in Unleash

Have you ever struggle having an overview of the feature toggles across your services and applications, especially when you have a lot on the table? We’ve been there before! In this blog, let’s learn how to create a list of feature toggles in Unleash using file. But first, let’s learn some concept of feature toggle and Unleash What is feature toggle (feature flag)? Feature toggle (Feature flag) is a technique that allows you to disable some functionality of your application, through settings, without having to deploy new code. Read more →