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Self-hosting Unleash with Kubernetes

In this blog post, we will learn how to self-host Unleash in a Kubernetes cluster. Why feature toggles? While developing new features for our end-users, we often encounter these 2 problems: Features are not developed and rolled out in a single night. It often takes several days or even weeks before a feature is fully developed, tested, and deployed. In such cases, we usually have to deploy a piece of that feature to production, and we would need to hide that piece until the feature is fully completed and ready. Read more →

Simulate Let’s Encrypt certificate issuing in local Kubernetes

We write test to make sure our code work as expected, no matter that a Go code or YAML config. In this series, we will show how we develop and do integration tests using local k8s. The first part will show how we simulate the HTTPS certificate issue flow to allow our Platform engineers to test their config and allow our Front-end engineers to connect their application to local server with a self-signed HTTPS certificate. Read more →